I'm unable to connect to my server via SSH

There are cases in which you may have connectivity issues when trying to SSH into your server.
This can have various reasons which the common ones are the followings:

  • You are not sure whether the IP of your server is blocked by your ISP/government or not.
  • The SSH client that you want to use (Putty, Xshell, ...) may not work properly.
  • You are in a Internet café or using someone else's PC and you don't want to login to your server in an unknown/untrusted environment.
  • ...

In cases such as those mentioned above, you can easily and safely refer to our web-based SSH client which is hosted on WebHorizon's servers and troubleshoot and use our zero log-policy and secure (served over HTTPS) web-based SSH client.

For using the web-based SSH client, do as described bellow:

 1. Go to the web-based SSH client.
 2. Enter the required details for connecting to your server via SSH which includes:
  a. Hostname: The IPv4 or IPv6 of your server.
  b. Port: The SSH port of the server. You can find the SSH port of your server using Port Reporter.
  c. Username: The username of the account that you want to login as. The default account is root and you can use that account unless you want to login as another user.
  d. Password: The password of the account that you want to login as.
  Note: The password of user root, will be emailed to you upon activation of the service.
  e. Private Key: If you have chosen to use your own SSH keys, you can provide the private key.
  Note: Supported encryption algorithms are: DSA RSA ECDSA Ed25519
  f. Private Key Passphrase: If you have chosen to use your private key in previous step and you have specified a passphrase for it too, you can enter it here.
  g. Totp: Using this field, you can employ Two-Factor Authentication (time-based one-time password)
 3. Click Connect and if everything is entered correctly and your server is available too, you will be logged in.

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